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oh how i miss summer

thats me on the right about to do  snap of really fucking good grapefruit OG <3  Taken by my lady forestrees
and babe, this WAS in summer :p
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twaxed birthday cake flavored joint with a kief stuffed tip
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Before I have to get shit done
Anonymous said: ok you realize there are like 500 different governments right? america doesn't run the whole world and no other first world country would go along with hiding the cure for cancer just so america could make a few more dollars to be greedy with. most other places have socialized healthcare, anyway.
I replied:

Okay, first of all I never said that America runs the whole world, second of all, the FDA controls all the drugs and medicine in first world countries, they make money off the medicine that is sold by the drug companies to help treat cancer and they make billions a year but the FDA has banned vitamin b17, which has cancer fighting and treating properties as well as the chemical THC, which is found in cannabis and in highly concentrated forms. It can stop the growth of tumors and in some cases reverse tumor growth and kill cancer cells. They have also banned other vitamins and fruits that have shown to have cancer fighting properties, such as soursop and they are trying to ban coconuts and coconut oil because they have some cancer fighting properties too. The federal government controls the FDA and drug companies and who controls the federal government? The banks and the banks make money off cancer treatment so why would they let you grow your own cure for next to nothing when they make billions off of your cancer treatment.

And this whole conversation about cancer is just one small part of a bigger picture


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You like kief joints or nah? by chronic_illness420  
Anonymous said: Would you fight a bear if somehow it could aid in cancer research?
I replied:

No because there’s already multiple cures for cancer, they’re just being suppressed by the government because cancer is a billion dollar business lol

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